Noida Cycling Club was founded on 10th April 2011 by Aman Puri with the primary idea to motivate and get the mass into the sport of cycling to enjoy its endless benefits. It is also an initiative to protect the environment, create a community of likeminded people to ride together on weekends and introduce newbies on the road to ride and explore the city.
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  • 5 star review  NCC - the name is synonymous with zeal and passion of the ever growing cycling community in Noida. This platform not only helps the regular riders but also aims in strengthening the amateur riders like me. It's a delight to be a part of weekend rides, which include riders from all ages. While someone has rightly mentioned: 'Four wheels move the body, two-wheels ride the soul' I would like to add to this by saying, " Riding two-wheels with engine is easy.The real power comes when you paddle and become its engine." That's what cycling does to you. Noida Cycling Club is not just a community to increase number of riders, it ensure the safety, comfort and building confidence in all its members to have a prodigious riding experience. Well done to the ride coordinators, who act as the back bone of this Club.

    thumb Priyanka Kumar

    5 star review  NCC is professionally run by very very passionate members on a more than voluntary basis. Enjoy being a part of the club which enjoyes the presence of Randoneurs and Super- Randoneurs..

    thumb Sachin Deshpande

    5 star review  Hey . Great Cycling Club. Looking forward to Cycling Shop by Aman Puri . Cheers

    thumb Miniondeep Singh
  • 5 star review  Awesome people . They organise various rides, and keep mixing and matching to get just the right combination always .

    thumb Gupta Abhishek

    5 star review  Great Job Guys . Abhishek told me you fellas do a neat job. Cheers .

    thumb Rishabh Mishra

    4 star review  Aman Puri , the Chief Cycling Officer runs a great YouTube page and INCUBATES certain riders to take over the mantle from him while he develops his branded/customised biking store in Noida . There are certain issues within NCC members w.r.t leadership roles but that merely causes a rating of 4/5 nothing else. Their WhatsApp group is very strict too, think a hundred times before clicking on the link to add yourself. Thanks . Hope this helped .

    thumb Manny Singh Khalsa
  • 5 star review  Three Saturdays' rides have been wonderful for the beginner like me. Nice group n club.

    thumb Bharat Thakur

    5 star review  Great gang! I started biking with the team on 13th May. Had a small injury, I felt really cared by the way team treated me. Will soon join the gang for a ride

    thumb Amitav Ash

    5 star review  One of the largest and the most caring of cycling clubs with support of the senior riders to the newbies...

    thumb Biplav Chatterjee